Spooky Graveyard

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The groans from the graves are heard silently,

mist moves ever so slowly towards the old headstones,

the moon shines down on the dying trees,


bats hang on to branches as tight as glue

all alone abandoned soul roam the area

the wind is cold, whispering to the grass


spooky night, mist blocks sight, you’ll be in for a fright.




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I woke up in house, silent the zombies were going away to the woods just after my house looking for animals to feast on they had been standing all around my house for the whole night. I still didn’t know if it was to go outside or even in the rest of my house. I had no weapons all i had was a knife and it was blunt, my only protection from zombies getting to me is a blunt knife. I hold my knife tight as I move slowing down the hall way checking each room that I go past but when I come to the bathroom the room has air blowing through it and I see that the window is open, I panic when is see blood coming down from the window a figure appears behind the shower curtain and I hear groaning and i know there a zombie waiting for me right behind that curtain.

I think teachers have hard jobs because…

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Some kids aren’t always very nice, some bully other kids, some never bother to do any work and some won’t even Liston to the teacher and are in the principles office all the time. They also have lots of paper work to do when there not teaching kids and when there something coming up like a end of year graduation dinner and they have to book a place and get everything ready, that can be very stressful sometimes. It’s also hard for teachers to make sure everyone gets the work they need and make sure everyone is up to date and how isn’t, I don’t think I’ll be a teacher when I grow up. It would be too hard.

Moment in time

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”Happy birthday” I said to my grandad showing him the surprise I made for him. It was a little table I made at tech, It had two bulls on the side because my grandads home town was bulls. We sat down to eat the fish and chips that was bought for the birthday dinner, after that it was birthday cake time. It was a carrot cake and it was delicious. We stayed for awhile and talked about the latest news on everything like we usually do. My grandad loved my present and it was a great time there calibrating his 82nd birthday.   

The thing I hate most in the world is…

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Bully’s because its not nice when someone bully’s you and hurts your feelings. Bully are usually people that were bullied before them so if they get bullied they think they should bully other people just because they were bullied.

Some bully’s are bully’s from home because of their parents being rough on them.

Ipad apps

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Algebra touch


Algebra touch is an educational app that teaches and allows practice of algebraic concepts. Kids learn to drag and rearrange single-variable polynomials so that like terms are together for easier adding. Then kids can tap the operator between the terms to compute answers. Terms can be factored or combined until the variable is isolated. Kids can also create their own problems to rearrange and solve. The app saves the problems that were created for later use.

Pros and Cons:

Algebra touch does the answers for you if you just touch the numbers and drag them to where you want them to go.

But it can work if you work out the answer first before you start moving the numbers around.


Algebra touch has everything to do with with algebra from the hardest question to the easiest.


Algebra touches purpose is to review and learn algebra for all ages of all people.


2 Aug 2010

Pocket Universe


The award-winning astronomy app, with more features than dozens of other apps combined. From an augmented reality view of the night sky, to a virtual visit to the surface of Mars, Pocket Universe is the ultimate in astronomy apps. Moon phases, Orrery, ISS sightings, Jupiter’s moons, Quiz games, Leaderboard achievements, pop-up notifications of important events, monthly and nightly highlights.

Pro and Cons:

Some features don’t work and Uranus is out of its orbit.

But Pocket Universe is a practical and versatile app for anyone with even the most remote interest in astronomy. A nearly flawless application, it is simple enough for the casual sky observer yet has enough tools and information for professional astronomers.


Pocket universe has every space learning things you could think of.


Pocket universes purpose is to teach people about astronomy and lots more things about space.


Jun 18 2009





The nicest thing I did for anyone was

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when Me and my brother went eeling my brother had a big eel on his line and just as he got it on land the line snapped and the eel was slithering down into the water so I tackled the eel and brang it up to the top were my brother was and me and my brother caught a big eel.

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